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Dec 2, 2013 2:00am PST
and a glory hole defense to cope better trained the butts of going back to dance. you know any spanish speakers situation in taiwan the students that want to go out and have the financial means to go out we'll go out to be will find different ways to attend international events to matter whether or not to tell them so you just try to make it over more fun than work easier and when we help train them. one of the opposite side. renault were actually more focused on the people that do not have the opportunity to to go after people that do not have the opportunity or the financial means to attend is kind of organizations the cold war defense for that. to make sure that that kind of exposure early ok but what is the reception. what do you know universities to him and cheney kind and the coaching of it are receptive to the ideas of the organization. the non active promoter of the molecule and use it mostly us calm so mean to them. basically if they need help with the new information if they don't walk apart form that interested in the sky will transition but didn't know where to start the ca
Dec 9, 2013 2:00am PST
sleeping defense others on the buy cds we need to take the final break hello program will be back in just a few minutes. sells. steve the sea the eye welcome back to the final part of today's world and feel that while the host of great wall which might continue and wrap up this very interesting composition with ms she phoned the police rarely did executive director of court on the cultural arts foundation the town wall then she tell the school that about yourself you know this part of the provo had to be i'm a self guests like to mention before i was born in eastern taiwan is and when to canada to study and its fifty day and i went to school in vancouver and toronto. and eileen went to new york. this new monastic the tree and there's ice station next to what they're going to get them before and coming back to taiwan away from opening a new word you know it's been a number years in the arts community in the bill was that the personal no pursue wealth of personal interest was something that you always wanted to do that to cut taxes. i think of when i was living and studying in taiwan when t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2